Nate Hamilton Wins 2nd in Formula Drift Pro2 Round 1


Congratulations to Enkei driver Nate Hamilton for his second place finish at the first ever Formula Drift Pro2 competition. Nate runs on Enkei Kojin Tuning Series Wheels. Photos by Larry Chen.


Nate Hamilton Takes on Formula Drift Atlanta


Road Atlanta is know for being one of the craziest stops in the Formula Drift series. The fans are rowdy, the track is fast and technical, and something that nobody expects seems to work its way into the show. ONE44 Motorsports came into Atlanta feeling confident and ready to compete. At Round 1 we learned to expect the unexpected. With rain in the forecast for Friday and Saturday, we arrived focused and with a game-plan. The team was hungry for results.

Thursday practice was a struggle. It forced the team to take a step back and work collectively to find a solution that would put us closer to our goals by Friday Practice. The next day we went into practice focused and ready to put down some clean passes. After the first 2 passes everything clicked. Our runs were consistent and, without a doubt, top 32 worthy. The team was confident by the end of practice but a formation of dark clouds started to roll in on us. Right as the second practice group starts running,
rain. And lots of it. The track was absolute madness. Drivers were doing multiple 360’s entering the first turn and hardly had any control throughout the rest of the course. This would be the first time this chassis has seen rain. ONE44 adapted the car as best as we could and went into qualifying.

Our first run was fantastic but the judges ruled that our two front tires came off track at the apex of the first turn, giving us a zero. Our second run would give us a score but would leave us just outside the top 32 bubble. A tough loss but the team was in high spirits. Afterwards, we received many compliments on our runs during practice and were told by many teams that they had no doubt we would have qualified had the conditions stayed consistent.

Saturday is always bittersweet when we don’t qualify. We want to be in the big show but we love hanging out with the fans! We watched an exciting main event and cheered on our friends! Round 3 is in Miami. A brand new venue for Formula Drift and the first event of the new Pro 2 series. ONE44 will be competing in Pro and Pro 2. This means twice as much time to practice and a greater chance of achieving the results we know we are capable of! See you in Miami! – Nate Hamilton

Nate Hamilton runs Enkei Kojin Tuning Series Wheels on his Formula Drift S13.

BMW e46 M3 on Enkei NT03+M Racing Series Wheels


We worked with Alex from European Car Magazine on their 600 whp BMW e46 M3 a few months back. This M3 is running on an Enkei NT03+M 18×10 +25 square set up – looks awesome! The car has been featured in the magazine a couple of times and Alex sent over a few photos for us to share. – Alex

18×10 +25 Enkei NT03+M Racing Series Wheels
Falken RT615-k 275/35/18 all around
Rolled fenders all around
10mm spacer out back, no spacer up front
-3.5* camber up front

Performance specs if you wanted:
600whp turbo setup
KW clubsports
Performance Friction BBK
Bunch of others, but that’s the main stuff. A couple of more photos after the jump.


Photo Gallery: Enkei Wheels at SCCA Solo National Championships


The SCCA Solo National Championships took place in Lincoln, Nebraska last week where it’s said over 1,000 drivers attended to compete throughout the week. As you’ll notice in the photos, there were plenty of drivers trusting in Enkei as their wheel of choice. Miata, FRS, RX8, Honda, Evo, Subaru, and also a good number of Ford Mustangs drivers have chosen Enkei as their preferred weekend track and street wheel. This year, for the first time, Enkei participated in the SCCA Solo National contingency program and is looking forward to being further involve in future SCCA events! Congratulations to all the winners and to SCCA for putting on a great event. Enjoy the photos and feel free to share with your friends and family. – Alex


DSPORT Magazine KAvSR Challenge Dyno Battle

Check out the video portion of the DSPORT Magazine KAvSR Challenge Dyno Battle. Trash talking, big numbers and two very different yet very similar cars. Both cars are on Enkei Wheels. The S14 on NT03+M’s and the S15 on PF01′s! Also, keep track of the competition in the next few issues of DSPORT.

WMD Project: Respect The Roadster – Wheels and Tires (Enkei RPF1)


WMD adds Enkei RPF1′s and Toyo R888 tires to their project Miata. This is an ideal set up for a daily/track car.

Wheels and tires are usually the first upgrade or modification people do when modifying their cars. It was definitely at the top of our list as the right combination can dramatically change the look of the car and how it handles. We were looking for a light weight wheel and a meaty, grippy tire combo for our Miata. We found both with this combo: 14×7 +19 offset Gold Enkei RPF1 Racing Series Wheel and Toyo’s R888 205/55r14 meaty Proxes tires. The Miata previously had 15×7′s with 205/50/15 tires so we wanted a tire that would end up close to the overall diameter of the 15″ set up. The 55′s worked well and were only about an eighth of an inch smaller than the 15″ set up – though you can hardly see the difference. We headed over to Texas Track Works… Read more

WMD Project: Respect The Roadster – Overview (Enkei RPF1)

1999 Miata NB Toyo r888 koyo enkei rpf1

WMD’s new project Miata will run 14×7 +19 RPF1 Racing Series Wheels. Check out the plans for this project >>

Welcome to our first WMD project car post. The “Respect The Roadster” project will be broken down into multiple install post. This being the first post, we will give you an overview of what’s to come, and some background on why we chose to go with the Miata platform. Also, we’re not experts on the Miata platform so we’d love to hear from you. Share your opinions and/or experience with Miatas in the comment section! So let’s get going.

Being part of both the Enkei team and WMD has given me the opportunity to travel to many motorsports events, conventions, and the like. I have been surrounded by car people for the past 5 years and have heard multiple people in the industry rant and rave about how the Miata as an amazing track car platform. How the Miata is a great car to track and daily drive, reliable, and has plenty of aftermarket support. In fact, my first ever business trip with Enkei included a stop at Good-win racing who specializes in Miata aftermarket parts. I can’t lie, at first I wasn’t too fond of the idea of purchasing one for our first project car, until I drove one. I drove a stock Miata and was really impressed with it’s handling and decent amount of power. But most importantly, it was just fun to drive. I attended a SCCA Autocross event at Texas Motor Speedway a week back were about half the drivers were in Miatas. I spoke with a couple of the drivers there of the idea of doing a project Miata for WMD – they were all very supportive of the idea and offered an overload of advice.


Skullcandy Team Nissan on Enkei PF01′s


Skullcandy Team Nissan by CA Sport competes in Grand-am’s Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. For the 2013 season the team is campaigning two Nissan Altima Coupe ST cars in the series’ eleven races. Lara Tallman is the principal and owner of the Salt Lake City based team, originally from Southern California Lara is a product of that car culture and grew up helping her dad rebuild hot rods. Driving duties in the #33 car are shared by Lara and by lead driver and scrapper Vesko Kozarov—known for his aggression and relentless drive. Aside from driving, Lara’s team responsibilities include partner relations, marketing and the many logistics of motorsports. Vesko heads up the car development and design side of the company and has a proven track record of developing many competitive platforms over the last decade.

Skullcandy Team Nissan uses the 17×9 Enkei PF01 Racing series wheels.




Grassroots Motorsports Nissan 240SX on ENKEI92′s


Our car needed tires, as the ones it came wearing were simply aged-out. Back in the day, finding sporty tires for a car like our 1991 Nissan 240SX was easy: You simply ordered a 225/50R15, a suitable upgrade from the original 195/60R15 size.

Guess what? That size isn’t so popular any more. Sure, you can find full-on, DOT-approved race tires in that size, but the current extreme and ultra-high performance models skip that size since it has simply fallen from favor. More on this 240SX on the Grassroots Motorsports website.

The Kern’s Pikes Peak Evo IX on Enkei RPF1


With Pikes Peak International Hill Climb around the corner,we felt it was a good time to show Kern’s Pikes Peak EVO IX featured earlier this year on MotoIq. Kern’s EVO uses 18×10.5 RPF1 Racing Series wheels.

The Kerns are no ordinary team and this is no ordinary Evo. It all started innocently enough with David dodging cones in a parking lot. He then started getting sideways in dirt at rally-x events. The joys of playing in the dirt were too strong to resist and he started to get serious about racing. Perhaps the biggest coup was convincing his wife to go play in the dirt too. Follow along to see what it takes to be successful at Pikes Peak.

Here is the story as David Kern tells it:

“I got my start racing back in 2001 sliding around on a frozen lake near Woodland Park, Colorado. After a couple years of doing auto-x and rally-x events I got the itch to go faster and had decided I liked sliding sideways. In late 2004 I got a roll cage installed in a 1988 Mazda 323GTX and convinced my wife to ride shotgun as my navvie. We raced with the Colorado Hill Climb Association (CHCA), a group that puts on 4-6 all dirt hillclimb events in Colorado every summer. Despite running an underpowered 17 year old car, we had a blast and posted up some decent times. Somewhere about the 3rd or 4th race Allison asked me what it would take to start running with the fast guys and my reply was “Evo.” It would take a few years to find the right candidate, a theft recovery salvage title car.

Click HERE to read full article on



As we started our weekend into Round 3 : Palm Beach I felt more comfortable than I had all season in the car. A good place to be, right? I finally felt like the car was beginning to work with my driving and not AGAINST it. The Team was also excited to come back to a track that we had been to a number of times before. As we got settled into our pit space, our team prepared for a track walk with the FD judges, I was particularly stoked for this! Being that it was the third round, our team was starting to get a feel for the intense schedule of FD events and that made it possible for me to have a clear head going into practice. We really had nothing to lose and I decided to give it my all, hoping to focus on what would be a great qualifying run for Friday’s competition. There I was, the first run of practice and things really started to take a turn for the better of this season. We were starting to drive and handle this car like we knew we could!



The Kojin takes the traditional 5-spoke design and adds just the right contours to give it an aggressive tuner look. The Kojin is built using Enkei’s original MAT technology to achieve the ultimate in strength and light weight. The Enkei Kojin is where art and science meet to create the next big step forward in aftermarket wheels.

The Kojin will be available in 17 and 18 inch, in matte black or matte silver and in offsets ranging from +15 to +50. Available in early 2013. Stay connected with us here on our blog and on Facebook for more 2013 updates. Also, make sure to stop by our booth (#47043) at SEMA next week to see more new Enkei wheels.

Click here for size chart >> (more…)


The Enkei Tenjin is the latest addition to the Enkei lightweight tuning line. In keeping with Enkei’s design philosophy, the Tenjin exhibits 9 spokes carefully designed to achieve ultra high rigidity while maintaining low weight, all the while remaining stylish.

The Tenjin’s spokes go on to link an aggressive center area with a polished lip. The Tenjin’s design cues allow it to be at home on street just as much as on the race track thanks to its MAT technology, allowing for a much lighter and stronger wheel than one cast by traditional methods.


Scion FRS Yokohama Ride and Drive on Enkei Wheels

We had the opportunity to work with Yokohama on their Ride and Drive program once again (Schedule). This time with the new Scion FR-S. Yokohama and Scion are traveling the country giving people a chance to test the FR-S, Yokohama Tires and of course Enkei Wheels. A couple of the FR-S are equipped with 17x 7.5 +38 PF01 and a couple with 18×8 +35 RPF1 Racing Series Wheels. More photos after the jump.


Tony B’s Formula Drift Mustang on Custom Painted Red NT03+M Racing Series Wheels

Check out Tony B’s Formula Drift 800 horse power Ford Mustang on Enkei NT03+M Racing series wheels. Click MORE for lots more photos and specs.


Enkei Wheels at Formula Drift Round 2

Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta was action packed and full of cars on Enkei Wheels. Here’s pic of Michael Essa in his BMW Z4 on Enkei NT03+M Racing Series Wheels. Essa qualified first on Friday and finished 16th on Saturday.

Read on for more coverage. Photos: Alex Nunez (more…)

Enkei SVX on 2012 Honda CRV

Check out this 2012 Honda CRV on Enkei SVX Truck/SUV Wheels! The SVX is available in 18 or 20 inch in Silver Machined or Black Machined. Click HERE for more info on the SVX wheel. More photos after the jump >>


Toyota Tundra on Enkei ST6 Truck and SUV Wheels

Had the pleasure of shooting this beast of a truck on Enkei ST6 truck wheels yesterday. The ST6 is available in 18 and 20 inch with color options of silver or matte gunmetal. Click HERE for fitment info. – Alex

Event: Enkei Wheels at Formula Drift Rnd 1 2012

Photo by Larry Chen

It was another full house at Formula Drift Round 1 in Long beach. With a record crowd of 18,000 over the two day event and a record number of 60+ drivers. As always, we (Enkei) were on hand to witness the battle and to see our wheels put to the rigorous test of drifting!

The highly anticipated Mobil 1 GoPro Camaro was seen in action for the first time and did not disappoint. Driven by veteran driver and good friend Tyler McQuarrie, the media and fans were excited to see what the newly established team had in store for the season opener. Tyler is running Enkei RPF1 an 18″ in the fronts and 19″ in rears wrapped with Yokohama tires.



Came into the office this morning and there was a great surprise delivery from Japan waiting in our warehouse… Matte Black RP03 Racing Series wheels! For now, the black version of the RP03 will be available in a 17×8 5×100 +48 configuration for the Subaru crowd along with a 19×8.5 +22, and 19×10 +22 setup for all of the 5×114.3 cars. It comes with a red cap but an optional black cap will be available for purchase. Ask your local Enkei dealer for details on how to get a set for your car! Not sure where to find Enkei? Click HERE for our Dealer Request page and one of our guys will direct you to the closest dealer.

- Alex

More pics here –> (more…)