The ENKEI92 is back with a bang! It won a Global Media Award at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas. The ENKEI PF01 wheel won the same award last year and it became one of our 2010 best sellers. The ENKEI92 is off to a great start for 2011! The ENKEI92 Classic Series wheel will be available in 15×7 +38 (4×114.3, 4×100, 5×114.3) and 15×7 +25 (4×114.3, 4×100) in Black, Gold, or Silver all with a Machined Lip. A big thank you to PAS Mag and MAX Power Mag for their votes!

SEMA introduced its Global Media Award program in 2004 to highlight the worldwide appeal of specialty-equipment products on display at the annual SEMA Show. The Global Media Awards reception is an annual celebration of the winning products, which are selected by members of the international enthusiast media.

- Alex


Enkei92 Classic Series Wheel

Alex Nunez and Harry Yamada at the awards ceremony.

Fairlady Z at the Enkei Wheels booth SEMA 2010.


  1. Stephen says:

    “The ENKEI92 Classic Series wheel will be available in 15×7 +38 (4×114.3, 4×100, 5×114.3) and 15×7 +25 (4×114.3, 4×100)”

    I heard there was supposed to be a 15×8 +25 4×100?

  2. Steve D says:

    The PDF for the specs says 15 x 8 +25 4×100/114.3 the 15×7+25 is probably a typo

  3. Alex Nunez says:

    That’s right Stephen. 15×8 +25, 4×100 will be available but no 15×7 +25.

  4. Felix W says:

    What quarter of 2011, and about what will be the msrp?

  5. Travis says:

    Any word on prices?

  6. Alex Nunez says:

    @Travis, MSRP is $190-$210.

  7. Alex Nunez says:

    @Felix, MSRP is $190-$210 and they will be available at dealers 1st quarter by March 2011. thanks!

  8. poormansem1 says:

    Are the 15×7+38′s also deep dish? Thanks!

  9. Randy says:

    Any chance of a 4×110 bolt pattern being offerd? lol,
    Trying to find a nice looking set of mesh rims for a 1983

  10. yamez says:

    when is the release date? also, i have an original set of 92′s and centercaps!!….. will you sell the new center caps seperate? im affraid tho og ones will fly off while driving. they are nop longer “tight” in the whole…..

  11. Alex Nunez says:

    Yes, but not as deep as +25.

  12. zakariya says:

    i have those on my cressida, glad to see them re-manufactured again .. any idea where is the dealer in mid-east?
    in the pic of the fairlady, there is a silver rim next to that front bumper, i can say its deep!! which model is that??

  13. Steve D says:

    Can we see some pics of the rear inside of the 92′s? the old 92′s did not have very good caliper clearance and I want to the see clearance of the new ones before I buy.
    Thanks Much

  14. ex says:

    What’s the measurement on lips?

  15. Alex Nunez says:

    15×7 lip = .75″
    15×8 lip = 2″

  16. Kaoboy says:

    Where can I get these!? I want a set for my CB7!

  17. Alex Nunez says:

    Please fill out our dealer request form here –>

  18. kees says:

    are there still enkei92 shirts and stickers available? i just got a set for my 1969 Toyota Hilux and would want to sport some enkei92 gear! aloha

  19. Alex Nunez says:

    No, we are sold out and do not plan on making more. We do offer a RPF1 tshirt and will soon have a hoodie on the site as well.

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